The Resurfacing Balm contains natural phyto-extracts of chamomile, tea tree and jojoba to effectively relieve the symptoms associated with pressure sores while promoting the healing of the epidermis, even in diabetics. It also helps prevent dressings from adhering to wounds.

Application: Apply the Resurfacing Balm generously to the wound during the day and at night. Preferably, the wound should be left open during the day while it may be covered at night with gauze and bandages. In the event that the wound gets weepy, apply a light dusting of cornstarch powder and leave open until weeping subsides. Continue with thick applications of the Resurfacing Balm.

This diabetic lady suffered from a chronic pressure wound on her ankle for 4 years. The wound healed after 17 days of treatment using the Resurfacing Balm.

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