Slow Healing Wounds

The Resurfacing Balm has the ability to significantly improve skin conditions and afflictions within 48 hours of first application, regardless of the length of time that the symptoms have presented themselves. The formulation contains natural phyto-extracts of chamomile, tea tree and jojoba to soothe discomfort while protecting and promoting the healing of the epidermis.

Application: Apply the Resurfacing Balm generously to the wound during the day and at night. Preferably, the wound should be left open during the day while it may be covered at night with gauze and bandages. In the event that the wound gets weepy, apply a light dusting of cornstarch powder and leave open until weeping subsides. Continue with thick applications of the Resurfacing Balm.

This man injured his foot and, because of limited medical care, the wound became infected. The man endured many weeks on crutches before seeking the help of a surgeon who cleaned the wound and removed all necrotic skin. The patient was referred to a wound clinic where a nursing sister dressed the wound regularly over a two-week period. Although there was a considerable improvement in the infection, the wound was not showing signs of healing. The man soon became despondent and commenced the application of the Wesson Resurfacing Balm. Within a few short days, he noticed a significant improvement and the wound started to close.

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