Skin Care
For men

Trusted Skin Care for Men

Wesson Therapeutics offers hypo-allergenic skin care that is specially formulated to keep skin & beard balanced and healthy.

Our natural plant-based formulations contain high concentrations of aloe vera, cotton thistle, chamomile and green tea for their skin soothing and healing benefits.

You can trust us to look after your loved one’s skins.

Emollient Gel Wash

Care for your skin with this conditioning, 100% fragrance-free micro-foaming cleansing gel. The Emollient Gel Wash contains jojoba extract which helps alleviate irritation associated with shaving while it is also excellent for beard cleansing.


This fragrance-free facial mist is the ideal aftershave toner for men to hydrate and soothe skin following shaving while helping to prevent shaving rash. The aftershave mist contains a high concentration of cotton seed extract for its skin calming properties.


The Moisturising Cream has a light texture and is ideal for use as a fragrance-free, non-greasy aftershave balm. It also helps combat dehydration and sensitivity.


An ultra-light complex that protects the complexion against the elements and seals in moisture. It is also perfect as a pre-shave and beard oil.


A natural balm infused with ozone (activated oxygen) for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Recommended for shaving nicks while it can also be applied to pimples as a spot treatment to take care of occasional breakouts and ingrown hair.

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