Skin Care
For teens

Trusted Skin Care for Mothers and Babies

Wesson Therapeutics offers hypo-allergenic skin care that is specially formulated to keep teen skin balanced and healthy.

Our natural plant-based formulations contain high concentrations of aloe vera, cotton thistle, chamomile and green tea for their skin soothing and healing benefits.

You can trust us to look after your loved one’s skins.

Emollient Gel Wash

Care for your skin with this conditioning, 100% fragrance-free cleansing gel. The Emollient Gel Wash contains jojoba extract which helps alleviate irritation associated with breakouts and eczema, making it especially suited for use on acne-prone or sensitive teen skin.


This soothing facial mist is ideal for hydrating and calming sensitive skin as well as sensitization as a result of medication (including Roaccutane). The formulation is 100% fragrance-free and contains a high concentration of cotton seed extract for its desensitizing properties.


The Moisturising Cream has a light texture and is ideal for young, combination skin types prone to dehydration and sensitivity. Recommended for use during a course of Roaccutane treatment to increase hydration without leaving a trace of oil on the skin.


This gel-based exfoliator contains fruit enzymes to gently loosen dry, keratinized cells on the surface of the skin without the use of granules, making it ideally suited for use on acne-prone skin.


This Hydrating Gel provides an intensive moisture boost while soothing botanical extracts assist in calming the complexion. Apply the gel as a masque or blend with equal parts of the Moisturising Cream before applying to the skin for long-lasting hydration.


A natural balm infused with ozone (activated oxygen) for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Apply sparingly to pimples as a spot treatment to take care of breakouts.


A tried and tested formulation containing phyto-actives of lavender, frankincense and macadamia to stimulate cellular renewal and assist in the healing of scarring as a result of breakouts.

Sunscreen SPF30

This sunscreen contains reflective pigments, making it a safer alternative to sunscreens containing high levels of chemicals. Ideal for use on babies to protect delicate skin against UV damage and mothers to prevent the darkening of hormonal pigmentation.

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