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The Wesson Therapeutics range of high-quality products adhere to strict international standards

Wesson Therapeutics formulations contain:

Wesson Therapeutics formulations are free of:


The product development specialist for Wesson Therapeutics is a full member of the Cosmetic Chemists Association of South Africa (COSCHEM) and continually sources the highest quality ingredients to ensure optimal results.


Our formulations adhere to strict safety regulations while the highly therapeutic ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers in Switzerland, Germany, France, Japan and the USA. We exclude all ingredients that are suspected of being harmful or that are not beneficial to the skin, including mineral oil, cyclomethicone, parabens, SD alcohol and sodium lauryl sulphate.


Wesson Therapeutics follows ethical skin care practices as part of our promise to offer skin care that is non-toxic and that is kind to the environment. Our formulations are noncarcinogenic and do not cause toxic accumulation in the body. All our formulations are free of harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances and colourants.

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